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Every Girl Deserves a Kushyfoot

10 November 2010 12,677 views 2 Comments

The idea behind Kushyfoot is brilliant simplicity. If you aree going to wear tights, why not wear cushioned tights? Kushyfoot is a line of footwear solutions – the stand-out product being tights and foot covers with a padded insole. Little cushions on the ball of your foot help ease the pain of walking in heels for hours on end. Of course, nothing will truly help if you you are wearing 5 inchers for 8 hours. That is math I don’t want to do.

Kushyfoot comes in a wide variety of styles: opaque tights, fishnets, ultra low-cut foot covers, even padded athletic socks. Other footwear solutions from the line include toe-less yoga socks; foldable ballet flats (great to tuck into a purse or glove compartment); flip-flops; even socks for sensitive feet. The soles of each product are developed with reflexology in mind to squeeze every bit of comfort as possible out of the product.

It’s a great idea and s good start, but there are a few improvements I would like to see -mainly a line of extra-cushy socks. The padding is great, and I understand the need to keep the padding slight to be able to get your foot in your shoe, but the padding can wear out quickly. Additionally, the cushions on the Foot Covers hit at my arch, offering no padding.

With a huge variety of styles and looks, and prices around $10 a pair, why wouldn’t you want a Kushyfoot?



  • Janssen said:

    Great idea! We really ought to take care of our feet by providing cushion for them.

  • Tia said:

    Ohhh, never heard of these before, I’m hoping they sell them here in the UK as well as they’ll come in handy (or should that be feety!).