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Project Runway Returns!

29 July 2011 25,533 views No Comment

The Episode: Sticking with the 90 minute format that launched last season, 20 designers show off their designs in person, but only 16 make it through to the show. I must say, the designers this season are already far more interesting than last season. I couldn’t even make it through season eight because the designs were so boring.

The Challenge: The contestants are woken at 5am and dragged to Parsons in their jammies. Their first challenge: using only what they are wearing and a single white bedsheet to create an outfit (don’t worry, they are given scrubs to wear when they cut up their jammies).

The Drama: Still too early for major drama, but in the opening audition session, Anya reveals that she learned to sew only four months ago, just for this show. The judges have their doubts – they obviously think that someone did a lot of the sewing for her, but she shows them when she lands in the top three.

The Designs:

The Verdict: The bottom three were so, so bad, it was almost hard to decide which was the worst. Ultimately Rafael went home, though I thought the fact that he had the tiered detailing in the back of his blouse that was beautiful would at least put him (slightly) ahead of the other two bottom designers, because theirs had no such redeeming qualities.

Bert won, and rightfully so. His design was just beyond stunning. It may be episode one, but he is already my favorite to make it to Bryant Park. He really, really understands fit and design.

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