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[20 Jul 2007 | Comments Off on Finally – Marc Jacobs For the Rest of Me | 3,555 views]

I own a pretty disturbing amount of Marc Jacobs shoes, but not a single stitch of clothing. At least, not until a few weeks ago, when I found this adorable dress at eLuxury.com. Every Marc piece I tried on was ill-fitting. Too blousy or too snug, in all the wrong places. This plaid dress is far more tailored than most of the other Marc Jacobs pieces from the last couple of seasons.
The dress is an interesting blend of elements. The body is long, and tailored, …

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[13 Feb 2007 | One Comment | 28,293 views]

I bought these on a whim. I really should not have bought shoes, but I couldn’t help it – the deal was almost mind-numbing.
Why should I not have bought these shoes? Well, for one thing, I had been unemployed for several months, and the unemployment checks had just run dry. I was also leaving for Vegas and I wanted to have some gambling money. Also, that very day, I was buying a brand new MacBook Pro, and those don’t come cheap! And yet, I …

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[24 Jul 2006 | 6 Comments | 21,412 views]

I have been lusting after these since the beginning of the season. But at $350, it was too rich for my unemployed blood. I was determined to wait until the went on sale.
I saw them, for a blip of a moment, at DSW for around $260. I decided it was still too much (at the time I was in a pretty hardcore “I must save my money” mode). A few months later, I started to regret it.
eLuxury sold out of them before they could make it …

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[9 Jul 2006 | 3 Comments | 7,838 views]

At some point these were dubbed “Cinderella shoes” by someone I work with. I have no idea why – except that they are DREAMY. These are from the Spring or Summer collection 2004.
A producer I was working with was wearing these in fuchsia, and I fell in love. This was before I had my serious addiction to designer shoes. I tried to get them from Nordstrom.com (they were on sale) but never could bring myself to spend the money, and then they ran out of my …

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[26 Jun 2006 | 3 Comments | 9,568 views]

A friend of mine saw these and said “You can’t wear those, those are a work of art!” With their berry-colored quilted velvet, contrasting mustard-colored ribbon, and red lacquered heel, they damn near are.
I have seen these in a wide variety of colors on various sites and on ebay. I almost bought a pair in lavender with light green ribbon, but lost out on them at sale price. Zappos had ONE pair of these left, in a 39 (how convenient – in Marc Jacobs shoes, I can …